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Newsletter #4

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VDMFa National Encounter

The National Encounter is an event that only happens once every two years. This year, the whole Family from the different places (Manila, Quezon City, Cagayan de Oro, Tagaytay, and Cebu) gathers in Cebu to pray, share, enjoy, and learn more of our identity and mission as Verbum Dei.

The National Encounter was a truly vivid and concrete experience of what the Verbum Dei Missionary Family is. In the three days of gathering, sharing, and praying together with the Word of God, one thing was very clear, everyone belongs to this Family—everyone has a place and each one, whether a decade-old in their following or having just met the Family, finds a home in Verbum Dei: a home that is sustained by each one’s personal encounter with the Word.

This ‘finding my place’ in the Family is the more immediate and obvious fruit of the encounter—a necessary experience that provoked another fruit: being homes and building homes of the Word for all peoples in the places where we already are and where we will be. To be a home of the Word for all peoples is a constant invitation to be a place of encounter for our people and the Word of God made flesh, through prayer, preaching, and testimony of life. In the ‘growth and ripening’ of this fruit, each one is as capable. And each one’s peculiar expression of God’s Life and Love through our unique lives and realities is indispensable in the fruition of this desire of God.