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Homily for Sunday, 2 March 2013

8th Sunday: Is 49:14-15. 1 Cor 4:1-5. Mt 6:24-34.

Jesus longs to establish good contact between the human family and our ‘true master’. That brings true peace. The Jews saw God as a chief or leader (calling him 'Adonai' etc.), so the way Jesus called him Father and 'Abba' ('Daddy'), was revolutionary for them.

It's interesting that the Our Father is a series of petitions rather than of straight-forward praise ‘of a master’, but the fact that people ask, is in itself a type of praise for which God longs! Humble asking for things establishes a relationship like that of kids at home with their dad!

Many may think that their life is in their hands, often thinking that nobody else cares - that we appeared by chance. But the truth is that we have nothing that wasn't given to us - starting with life itself. The important question is 'from where did we receive it'? - or from who?' – and what’s the plan of my true master for me now? Our masters are good friends.

............. Dara.

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